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Fiverr / Re: Buers Request
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:57:49 AM »
And what do you think off something like this :

I'm looking for clever Internet sales experts to take over the sale of my 42-year- old Paralegal correspondence course, which I have sold using TV infomercials for decades. I own a licensed/ accredited online school that awards Associate & Bachelor degrees to graduates, allowing credit for prior learning, work experience, & a college-level equivalency exam. College dropouts can earn a genuine degree in 3 to 7 months, usually at a cost between $997 and $2497 total, with a finance plan for every student regardless of credit ratings, and depending on how many credits remain to be earned . Independent enrollment marketing affiliates retain 50% of all enrollment fees, and my school does all fulfillment and payment processing for you. Typical earnings are thousands of dollars per month with little or no overhead for you. I charge a $6000 fee to license independent contractors to do the same thing that I am offering Fiverrs for FREE! There is a largely untapped market of non-USA students who enroll in order to facilitate getting a student visa to enter the United States . My school also offers employment opportunities and assistance to foreign students who graduate. I am retiring and withdrawing from all marketing activity, but you can carry on and I will consult when needed. Contact me for more information.

He is pretty much offering something for SALE on buyers request for 1000  dollar, and it will not be removed. But if you place yourself a little @ sign in and you are kicked out ????? Fiverr is getting worst by the minute !

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